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Subrion is a content management system that can be used to create all types of websites from a blog to an enterprise level mammoth portal. It is open source and free allowing the users to edit, copy, modify and customize it to suit their requirements. It is a stand-alone CMS that licensed under GPLv3 but also allows easy website integration. It is written in PHP 5 using MySQL database. Subrion CMS also offers an all-in-one integrated package integrating the functionalities of articles script, realty classifieds script, web directory script, yellow pages’ script etc.

Subrion offers a powerful dashboard that allows the web owners to keep a track of the visitor activities, their areas of interest and offers various metrics like review counts, listing counts, comments, orders and conversion success count. There are numerous plug-ins and templates available in the admin dashboard that comes with the one click installer making it convenient and easy for the users. They can display their content anywhere across the website by just clicking on the manage blocks.

Subrion comes with the Google Maps plugin which gives the user the liberty to display their location and address, insert the Google Map as a plugin to display any specific content page anywhere on the website. The user can configure and customize it as per their requirements. It allows creation of various plans with custom restrictions like special privileges, specific fields to list, upload a specific number of images etc. Subrion offers several SEO features. It allows users to define the homepage’s meta information from backend, custom keywords, titles, descriptions for listing page, enable the google snippets to let Google bot collect information from the user’s website. It is a multilingual CMS and allows easy and ready translation features and comes with inbuilt features to convert to a multilingual solution for the users.

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