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Storage Service Provider (SSP)

A storage service provider (SSP) is a type of service provider that provides computer storage capacity and related management services to other companies. In other words a storage service provider is a type of service provider responsible for building, managing, operating and delivering storage services to store data of third party via its comprehensive storage infrastructure.

Simple storage network is yet another service deploying SSP model. Most service provider storages are deployed over the cloud. Thus the main job of a storage service provider is to provide over the internet storage service and servers that can handle everything in and out. A simple storage network is an interconnected network of storage devices, provided ‘over the cloud’ through internal or third-party servers.

The clients are usually billed by the service provider on a monthly basis or as per the usage wherein the customer has to pay for each managed terabyte of storage. Generally, a SSP will be in possession of a large and sophisticated storage infrastructure to comprehensively meet the storage needs and demands of its clients. Alternatively, it may be in possession of storage area network (SAN) that is logically assigned and distributed across one or more end users or enterprise.

Each user is assigned a specific or desired storage capacity that factors high on parameters of scalability i.e. the storage capacity can be boosted or scaled down depending on the storage requirements at that given point in time.

The storage capacity provided by the cloud hosting provider are used by various organizations for its data backup, data recovery, data sharing and data collaboration activities among other things.

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