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Simple Invoices is a web based invoicing system which is open source and community developed. It makes the whole process of accounting and invoicing quick and simple. Simple Invoices is freely available and open source which can be easily installed in your server or hosted by one of the service providers. It emphasizes on minimising effort.

As the name suggests it is simple to use and does not have any complicated features. It is developed for and by the community. Simple Invoices caters the needs of small organizations and home users designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Reasons to use Simple Invoices

1- You can easily track your finances, send invoices as PDF
2- Browser based application that can be used from anywhere
3- It is absolutely free and comes without any monthly subscription
4- No pre-configuration required and has an intuitive interface
5- Simple Invoices enables each biller to have their own logo displayed in the print preview of their invoices
6- It has a veryuser friendly invoice creation form
7- Total or itemized styled invoices
8- Simple Invoices supports taxes
9- Invoice can be exported in PDF, Excel and Word

Simple Invoices is free and has a simple yet good looking front-end. Software is advanced which supports various billing formats and allows several user accounts. It is a very well featured web based solution and has an active ongoing development.

Simple Invoices makes the freelancer’s job much easier as they send professional invoices and accept payments. It has various invoice templates which enables you to select different layouts for your invoices. It has the payment form embedded inside the invoice. Simple Invoices focuses on the basic need of invoicing and also provides advanced flexibility. It is undoubtedly a very good invoicing application.

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