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Shopware is a flexible and complete ecommerce solution based on several Symfony2 structure components. The software is an easy to use application suitable to all types of business owners. It is maintained in PhpStorm and its fundamental features and on Symphony2 Plugin. There are over 2000 plugins available used in various fields like administration, evaluation, reviews, marketing and advertising. It is an open source plugin that supports in developing Shopware ecommerce with PhpStorm. It was initially conceived and developed by some individuals about 45 years back to help the businesses streamline their functions. The latest version is the Shopware 5.2 that has improved upon all the limitations there were being experienced in the earlier versions. It is available in four versions of Community edition, Professional, Professional Plus Editions and Enterprise Edition.

Shopware is supported by Quickview. This is designed to enhance the user experience. For example, when they click or touch on any product, it displays information of the product catching the viewer’s eye. They generally save it on their wish list or add to shopping cart. Another feature is the Sideview. It displays the product from different angles giving more details of the items within the image. Shopware 5.2 has integrated the ERP solution Pickware in its versions of Professional and Professional Plus editions. Shopware 5.2 also allows creation of subshops each having their own URLs i.e. the business create different subshops based on brands, language and many more without paying any additional fees for the license.

Shopware also offers “Shopping Advisor” a new plugin that does survey work like creating questionnaires for the customers to review existing products, give their wishes and desires etc. This helps the brands to create products with enhanced features to help in increasing the shopper’s experience. “Custom Products” is another feature where the end user is able to customize the product by engraving or imprinting their desired monograms on the product.

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