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SeedDMS is an open source, easy to use, powerful Document Management System (DMS). It is based on PHP and MySQL. It is an enterprise ready platform that helps the user in storing and sharing data and documents. It is a continuation of LetoDMS and is fully compatible with it.

Many of its features are web-based.

Here are Some Features of SeedDMS in Brief:

• User and Group Management
• Detailed Notification Upon Changes
• Full Text Search • Webdav Access
• Multi-Language Support
• External Authentication
• Fully Web-Based UI
• Preservation of all Former Document Versions

It is more usable on smartphones, with smaller display sizes. It basically manages files and folders on the hard drive of your system in a manner that’s quite similar to that of a file system. However, it offers a lot more in terms of metadata, like keywords, description, author, etc. This allows the user to index common document and file types, like Microsoft Excel, PDF, and Microsoft Word for full-text searching.

Each document in SeedDMS will have at the very least one version with the actual content. Any update creates a new document, while maintaining all the older versions.

Building upon the simple workflow management process that was offered by LetoDMS, post version 4.0.0, SeedDMStoo has a new workflow engine that allows arbitrary self-defined workflows.

Just like other free, open source document management software, SeedDMS is not backed by dedicated customer support. But the user can still get assistance by:

• Emailing the main developer
• Installing SeedDMS on QNAP or Synology hardware
• Downloading the various SeedDMS product documents that are available online
• Participating in online forums where they can ask questions or discuss issues with other users
• Getting in touch with third-party proeffsional support companies that may offer valuable guidance and support with problems related to SeedDMS

SeedDMS does not offer powerful security features, quite like other open source products.

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