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Simple Machines Forum (SMF)

Simple Machines Forum software, or SMF software is a free Open Source, internet forum bulletin board software package developed by Simple Machines. The name reflects the developer communities’ commitment to keep the software as simple as possible so that even novice users could use it without placing too much strain on server resources. This professional grade software, which is free to download and allows end users to set up their own online community within a very short period time and without any hassles, is highly customisable. Its unique SSI (Server Side Includes) function facilitates close coordination with your forum and your website.

Its powerful custom made template management engine allows you to customise your forum outlook according to your needs and specifications. Simple machine forum software is written in popular programming language PHP and uses a MySQL database. This helps it to offer an extensive range of rich features without overburdening your server. In other words it is designed as to allow you to enjoy the full features of a bulletin board without over taxing your server. It is built around established industry standards and is highly regarded for its strict security measures.

SMF is a PHP/MySQL based solution and also free open source software that is available for free download. Being open source, it enjoys continues support of a vibrant and dedicated community of developers.

Simple Machine Forum Upgrade

You can upgrade your SMF software to the latest stable version by following below mentioned procedure.

First and foremost you need to create a full backup of your SMF application. After that you need to download the new package from the official site. It is absolutely free to download. After the download is over, install and run it on your computer and using your FTP client, upload the file on your server’s SMF.

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