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SSD Based Storage

SSD based storage refers to non-volatile storage which can store the data in flash memory. These SSDs are not like the traditional HDDs or Hard Disk Drives which had moving parts. The conventional HDD had a spinning disk. This had a read/write head which was placed on an actuator or mechanical arm. The SSDs however use ICs or Integrated Circuits instead of magnetic storage media. When people buy laptops these days they must decide between HDDs and SSDs. While one cannot be considered as being better than the other, there are some benefits which you can get from SSD based storage. Depending on your needs and budget you must take a decision. Prices of SSD based storage are going to be higher than HDDs because of its performance benefits.

The SSD stands for Solid State Drive and it does not come with any movable parts. The HDD has a movable arm for reading and writing data. This mechanical movement which the HDD must make to locate data is what takes more time. The typical SSD based storage will use the NAND flash memory which is non-volatile memory and even when the power is off, the data is not "forgotten". While the SSD will not possess a mechanical arm, it will rely on a brain or embedded processor which is referred to as a controller for carrying out operations of reading or writing data.

As far as speed is concerned, the SSD based storage outshines the earlier HDDs. A computer which has SSD will boot much faster than one with HDD. The SSDs do not have any mechanical moving parts; this works to their advantage because they are likely to last longer than HDDs which are subject to wear and tear.

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