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When you company buys Reserved Instances, it means that they are making a big investment which can save you a lot of money in the long run. But if you were to make a mistake in this investment, you can also be robbed off your returns. So, AWS Reserved Instances are nothing but virtual servers which run in the AWS EC2 or Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud and RDS or Relational Database Service. The companies will buy these instances according to contract prices and hourly rates.

When you use these Reserved Instances rightly, they can help you make huge savings. Amazon EC2 provides three pricing alternatives for the reserved instances. These are on-demand Instances, Spot Instances and Reserved Instances. The IT administrators can buy Reserved Instances from AWS directly or from the other administrators in the Reserved Instance marketplace. The latter can bring huge savings for computing resources but for shorter terms compared to new instances. When you buy from AWS managed cloud services, you can choose not to make any upfront payments or even decide to pay in full for the reserved instances.

To create the Reserved Instances, businesses have to pick one of the many types of instances offered by Amazon and an OS, region, and Availability Zone. The AWS Reserved Instances for RDS can be found in 3 usage tiers within a contract period, namely, light, heavy and medium. While the IT staff may shut down medium and light instances to cut down hourly rates, the heavy instances will be billed every hour always.

The Reserved Instance therefore is nothing but reservation of resources or capacity for a period of 1 or 3 years for a specific Availability Zone in a region. When you buy reservations, you are committed to paying for all hours in that time period. In exchange therefore, your hourly rate comes down. The main reason behind making reservations is because reservations will indicate much lower prices than the on-demand prices. So, you can actually reduce costs of resources which you already use.

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