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AWS vs Azure

Amazon Aws and Microsoft Azure are two dominant players in the cloud services. There are multiple factors that must be taken into consideration to determine which of the two services is better.
Looking at numbers, AWS has about 42 availability zones with 8 more coming up while Azure has 34 availability zones with 4 more following.
AWS has a vast range of services under the IaaS category which can widely be classified under 4 categories like content delivery & storage, database, compute and networking. Azure entered a little later into the industry services can also be classified into four categories of Compute, networking, data management & databases and performance.
The AWS managed cloud security services include AWS CloudHSM storage services and AWS Active Directory. The other tools that are popular include AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, and AWS CloudWatch. Azure security and management tools include Active Directory Federation Services, Multi-Factor Auth, Active Directory, Azure Monitoring and similar.
Amongst the advantages of cloud computing is the ease of application deployments. AWS has a variety of deployment tools like the Elastic beanstalk, Container Service, Lambda, AWS Batch etc. However, it lacks the flexibility that Azure offers to the developers like the App Services, Service Fabric, Cloud services, Container Services, Web Jobs etc. Microsoft offers great tools for almost every type of applications.
Microsoft envisaged the need for hybrid cloud early. Azure offers considerable support for hybrid cloud applications. Users can run their applications on the Azure Stack with their onsite servers making it easier for a smooth and seamless migration. Other than the Azure Stack there are many other tools like Azure StorSimple, Hybrid SQL Server, that enable simple and efficient management of the Hybrid Cloud. AWS lacks behind Azure in this field. It is catching up with its Storage Gateway, DynamoDB Local, Direct Connect etc.
There are still more categories that must be looked into to get a clearer picture of who is superior. Both services are great and it could be better to leave the judgment to be based on individual requirements of the users.

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