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Alfresco Community

Alfresco is a free enterprise management system for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating system. Alfresco system is developed using Java technology.

What is Alfresco Community?

Alfresco Community is an open enterprise content management system that manages all the content within an enterprise and provides the services and controls and manages the content. It features document management, web content management, collaboration management, records and image management.

Alfresco Community is an innovative open source enterprise content management platform intended for use in non-critical conditions. It is a free source distributed under the LGPLv3 license. Few of the basic features are:

1- Distributed under LGPLv3 license so it is a freely available content management system. It is an open source distributed under OSI approved license.

2- Alfresco Community is intended for developers and technical enthusiasts who want to use Alfresco in non-critical environment.

3- Alfresco Community is an open source platform for community driven development and contribution.

4- Alfresco Community is a research tool for new features.

5- Alfresco Community has limitations in terms of scalability and availability.

6- Standards based API (CMIS) makes building custom front-ends easier.

7- Support for social networks, Granular access control.

8- An embedded workflow engine that integrates with business processes.

Alfresco Community is a highly scalable repository that can support a variety of content types and services. Users can mount the Alfresco repository as a shared drive and easily move or synchronize files. It enables automatic routing, tagging and conversion of files.

Community edition of Alfresco has all the core features that an enterprise edition has but you do not get official technical support for Community edition from the company. Alfresco is not a web content management system, it is an enterprise content management system. Alfresco Community is the world’s largest open source enterprise content management system.

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