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Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 refers to a scalable and readily available DNS service that AWS offers its customers. Similar to other DNS services the Amazon Route 53 is responsible for domain registration. It will direct Internet queries to your apps which may be either hosted on the AWS cloud or in some other place. This service will direct the traffic according to advanced routing policies and automated health checks, taking traffic away from the servers which are showing signs of failing.

What Makes The Amazon Route 53 A Popular Service?

The AWS Route 53 is also a pay-as-you-use service like other cloud services from Amazon and you will be billed for the numbers of hosted zones that have been created by you and by numbers of requests which are routed.

You will be able to buy domains from the best-known domains like .org or .com. directly from this service. The Route 53 will also offer privacy protection for WHOIS records free of cost.

With the private DNS records you can also create private hosted zones. You will be able to route the traffic with easily-managed domain names inside the VPCs. This feature will let you switch easily between the IP-based resources and you do not have to update many embedded links.

Amazon Route 53 will also look after the overall health of your apps and when it detects any outage it will automatically reroute traffic to healthy resources. Route 53 is also well integrated with ELB or Elastic Load Balancing, S3 and Cloud Front.

There is also the provision for alias records which can point to a Cloud Front distribution or ELB instead of using an IP address. So, even if IP addresses do change, the traffic will be directed to the right endpoint.

When you wish to use Route 53 routing features, but you are not keen to remove domain name from the existing registrar, you can easily give your registrar the new address you will be getting from Amazon Route 53 for creating hosted zones.

Requests will be directed to instances within AWS regions which have lowest latency or low traffic. Administrators can also configure different region-based routing using the Create Record Set. Route 53 also offers the freedom to change DNS which can be managed and automated by teams using APIs.

When you use geographic latency-determined routing, you can save a lot of money for a million queries as other vendors will be charging you far more for the same number of queries.

Amazon Route 53 will also allow operations teams to give credentials for specific users to get secure web tiers having IAM integration.

You can get domain registration services for far lower costs with Amazon Route 53. You may be able to look for domains amongst those available and you can even transfer existing domains for managing by Route 53.

By sending site visitors to other locations the Amazon Route 53 can successfully prevent site outages from happening.

The AWS management console will offer web based interfaces and mobile apps for monitoring resources on the fly.

Users are allowed to balance workloads by sending queries to particular endpoints depending on geographic locations from where the requests had originated.

Finally, Amazon Route 53 is also compatible with other Amazon products like EC2 instances, S3 and Cloud Front. Since traffic is rerouted to alternative locations when the main application is no more available, this service can deal with huge volumes of queries without taking help of users. When you want high performance, better uptime and security, and if your website runs on the managed AWS cloud, the Amazon Route 53 is your best bet for managing domains.

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