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AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor is an online product that enables the cloud administrators to provision AWS resources adopting the best practices. It covers four areas like cost optimization, performance improvement, fault tolerance, and security. The best practices are compiled based on the feedback received from both past and existing AWS customers.

The AWS Trusted Advisor checks and monitors the four categories and provides analysis to improve the use of resources.  If it finds the performance to be satisfactory and proper, it displays a green check mark icon to indicate no changes need to be done. There is an orange icon which indicates that a scrutiny is recommended while a red icon means immediate action is required.
The AWS Trusted Advisor dashboard allows the administrators to view the four categories and the recommendations that it evaluates. It also provides links in its report that will enable the administrators to get access to the AWS Management Console and make the changes as recommended.
The dashboard will also provide free notifications if the cloud administrator requests for it. They can manually refresh and check the dashboard whenever they want. It also allows them to exclude or hide items in the Trusted Advisor report if they are no longer relevant for their use.

Some of the AWS Trusted Advisor Checks are Available Free of Cost to All the AWS Users:-

Service Limits Check: It scrutinizes your usage of each AWS products and alerts you when the consumption crosses 80% usage of the allocated resources.
Security Groups: Monitors and notifies the administrators where the access to the AWS EC2 instances are excessively given. This helps avoid risks of hacker activities.

IAM Use Check: It alerts the users when they skip the security best practices and use the account-level credentials to gain access to their accounts.
Root Account Check: It advices the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance the security by asking for additional authentication information from an alternate device.

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