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Advanced Guestbook

Advanced Guestbook is an enhanced version of the Guestbook script. It is written in PHP script and uses the MySQL database for storing the data. It offers functionalities like preview, templates, picture upload, page spanning, html tags, random polls, multiple polls. IP logging, IP locking, cookie support, handling, smilies, vote expire features, advanced guestbook codes and language support.

Visitors to a website can register and leave their comments / posts on a website. Advanced guestbook is a standalone script that has the ability to show the latest posts / comments and gives the website the choice of how many comments to show.

Advanced guestbook has the feature of uploading gravatars i.e. it allows the user to upload an image and connect it to their email address. Once setup, the users can use their Gmail address on any site that is supportive to the gravatars and use the image as their profile signature image.

The admin script allows the website administrators to modify, view and delete messages.

Advanced Guestbook has the Advanced Poll that offers a very comprehensive and enhanced polling system with a powerful administration tool.

Advanced guestbook requires PHP4 and above versions. Visitors while registering have to give details like their email address, website URL, location which are not revealed to the general public and retained only by the administrator. The owners with the information are enabled to improve upon the site and enhance the visitor experience.

Advanced Guestbook comes with a one click installer and takes a bit of time for installation. Advanced Guestbook has several enhanced features over the earlier Guestbook. The software can be downloaded and extracted to the user’s computer hard drive and uploaded to the web server or the files be copied into any of the local host folders in the main computer.

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