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Shifting your data to the cloud can be a good decision because you can enjoy higher scalability, increased flexibility, low capital costs and disaster recovery solutions. But when businesses decide to move to the AWS managed cloud there are some things which cannot be overlooked. These have to be analyzed well before taking the plunge. One of these downsides is the AWS data transfer expenses. So, it is recommended that you make an estimated of the overall data transfer costs before you move to the AWS.

The AWS data transfer costs essentially refer to the costs of transferring data between different AWS services or within AWS services or between the Internet and the AWS cloud. These fees typically will be unidirectional, or in other words, fees are charged only for data which is moving out of AWS services. When you must calculate what the data transfer costs are you have to first understand clearly the architecture of the AWS. The costs are going to change depending on whether the data will reside within the AWS or go outside the AWS to the Internet.

There are some easy ways to reduce the AWS data transfer costs but it involves a multi-pronged strategy. Usually, the costs are found to be higher when data is being transferred between regions than when data transfer takes place between two availability zones. Again the costs of data transfers between Availability Zones are found to be higher when compared to costs of data transfer inside an Availability Zone. So, you can design your systems in such a way that data transfer is least across AWS regions and AZs. Instead, you must architect the AWS cloud in a way so as to keep the data transfer mainly within an AZ or within a region. Because AWS regions are also likely to have different data transfer charges, you can first review the cost structure of various regions before you decide on using a specific region.

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