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AWS EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and is the web-based service from Amazon which allows businesses to run their applications in AWS public cloud. So, this application will allow developers to create virtual machines or VMs which can give the computing power for IT projects or cloud workloads running inside the AWS data centers distributed all over the world. The main idea behind AWS EC2 is to make cloud computing simpler for the developers.

The AWS EC2 comes with a simplistically designed interface and this lets you configure the capacity with least difficulty. You are given full control over the computing resources and AWS EC2 also lessens time needed for getting and booting new server instances. So, you can scale up the capacity within a matter of minutes. You can even scale down the capacity as your computing needs may well change with time. Moreover, AWS EC2 will make you pay only for what you actually use and nothing extra. So, AWS EC2 gives developers tools for building a fault-resistant application and then helps to keep these isolated from the common failure scenarios.

Developers are free to code applications to automatically scale instances using AWS Auto Scaling. For using the AWS EC2 the developers are going to need AMI or Amazon Machine Image which has an OS (Operating System) , configuration settings and application programs. The AMI will have to be uploaded to the Amazon S3 of Amazon Simple Storage Services and then registered with EC2 to create an identifier. Following this, subscribers can get VMs on a need basis.

So, in short, the AWS EC2 will allow you to scale up and down capacity depending on your needs within minutes. You can provision as many server instances as you need. You may use AWS Auto Scaling for maintaining availability of the EC2 fleet; you may even scale the fleet up or down to minimize costs and maximize performances. You can enjoy total control over instances such as root access and you can interact with these just like with any other machine. The EC2 also works with Amazon VPN to offer robust security and network functions for computing resources.

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