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Asterisk is designed as an open source telephony framework for building communication oriented applications. It has a remarkable capability to evolve a simple computer into a dynamic and robust communication server.

Asterisk is capable of supporting VoIP gateways, conference servers, IP PBX systems in addition to its ability of supporting multiple custom solutions. It enjoys a world-wide presence by being part of call centers, business or government entities, and more. Asterisk is powering communications of almost all Fortune 1000 organizations.

Asterisk has been successfully implemented for communicating with VoIP systems, Asterisk can also effectively communicate with analog phones as well as public telephone networks. The most common application of Asterisk is a full-fledged PBX system that is capable of switching calls between enterprise users on their local connections.

Asterisk offers ADSI On screen menu system with alarm receiver, message appending to email, blacklisting malicious callers, and blind transfer. It also facilitates call monitoring, recording, queuing, parking, waiting, transferring and many more features.

Asterisk facilitates Distinctive Universal Number Discovery (DUND) and enables direct inward system access. It offers facility of overhead paging for making announcements in large office setups and facilitates secure routing and accounting of inter domain VoIP calls via Open Settlement Protocol (OSP).

It facilitates adding a third party to an ongoing conversation and enables enterprise users to share a defined number of external phone lines. Festival Voice Synthesis Suit provided by Asterisk enables test to speech. Asterisk is developed by Digium and being a versatile telephony system, it has ability to act as an interface between legacy telephone systems as well as sophisticated communication solutions including Skype.

Asterisk leverages use of interface cards to communicate with analog phones as well as public telephone networks. Availability of a large user community helps constant addition of new features and instant resolution of issues.

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