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Auction is a software package for Windows that provides all the software tools that enables users to manage all charity fundraising auction event smoothly and efficiently. The software is compatible to all desktop editions including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Features of Auction:

Auction is a flexible and affordable software that has capabilities of managing all types of auction events.

It comes with silent auction bid sheet template that eliminates the chaos and confusions that a noisy auction generally generates. Using the template, a form is created where the seller puts up the item and bidders place their bids.

It offers features like event catalogs, donation receipts, bidder invoices, reservations, ticket sales, spreadsheets, views, item catalogues and more

Gives the seller more control by permissions and restrictions of one or two bid numbers per family or group. Allows printing of invoices individually to PDFs for emailing.

Users can customize the documents design and reuse them for their business.

Allows incremental bidding. A basket can have multiple bids and shared among two or more bidders.

User names like family members can be added to the member groups.

Tickets to the auction can be sold, donations and contributions be made and many more can be done online by paying through credit card.

Sellers can design their carts with their brand names and logos, set time frames to start and end bids, accept donations, provide sponsorships etc.

Auction offers responsive dedicated support for its users over email and phone round the year. Support is also available in the form of online tutorials and it is extended to all registered members of a family group. Auction Version 4 is the latest version and comes with enhanced features like graphics, logos and images on documents. Fund raising events are a necessity and helps the needy in several ways. Auction has been designed to make its implementation easy and simple.

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