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AWS Migration Hub

The Managed AWS Migration Hub is nothing but a service which will track how application migrations are progressing to the AWS cloud. So, this service will allow users to gather data and view this data from on-site resources such as servers and then group these into applications. There is a console for the purpose of tracking migrations of such apps into the cloud. The AWS Migration Hub will support and integrate with many native migration tools like the AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) and the AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS) along with partner tools also for offering accurate data.

How Does The AWS Migration Hub Work?

When you get started, this Migration Hub will ask the users to begin with a discovery process. In case a user is not keen to go through this discovery process and wishes to migrate right away, all the database servers and application servers will become resources in the Migration Hub. However, if a user performs the discovery process, he will get two choices for data collection, namely agent less discovery for VM users or agent-based discovery through the AWS Application Discovery Service (AWS ADS). When the data is collected by the latter it is stored in a device which the Migration Hub can access. This service will then provide the data to users who are free to examine its technical specs and performance. So, regardless of the option a user selects he must make a server’s list before he groups them into an app. Every AWS IAM user will be able to view one another’s apps if they are in the same account.

Features of AWS Migration Hub:

The AWS Migration Hub is popular as you can see the migration status of the apps through the console provided. Every migrating resource will display its status through a table and diagram. When the status is in progress it means the migration is going on; when it shows "Completed" it means it is over and the Migration Hub will now show data on the new resources created.

This service is also free to use. However, the costs for migration and discovery tools cannot be ignored.

Before this Migration Hub had been introduced, users had found that there was no easy way for tracking migration progress across different workloads through a single migration. Moreover, the existing tools never allowed users to track the efforts made by apps and this slowed down the pace of migrations. But with the AWS Migration Hub, all this has changed and now users can make use of one location for tracking the entire migration process across different AWS solutions.

So, it is possible to select the right managed AWS cloud migration tools which can suit your needs. You can also get visibility into the migration status of all your work. You will also get access to the key metrics that are used for both AWS apps and third party applications, no matter which migration tools are being used. This enables users to resolve all issues of migration faster.

To start off with these services you will have to authorize migration tools that you have been getting through the Migration Hub. You will only have to pay for costs of these tools and any other resource which you may be consuming specifically on the AWS.

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