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AWS Lambda

The AWS Lambda refers to a computing service that will allow you to run codes without having to provision and manage servers. This service will run the code when needed and it will also scale up automatically. The benefit of using the AWS Lambda is that you need to pay only for the resources you use and there are not going to be any charges when codes are not running.

AWS Lambda is beneficial s you are able to run codes for almost all kinds of applications and back-end services without having to administer. The Lambda will run codes on a high-end infrastructure and even administer the computing resources, OS maintenance and auto scaling, code logging and monitoring etc. You may have to use this service for running codes to respond to events like any change of data in the Amazon S3 bucket or as response to HTTP requests through the Amazon API Gateway. You may even create server less applications which are made up of functions triggered by events and then deploy these through the AWS Code Build and AWS Code Pipeline.

Which Features Make The AWS Lambda Popular?

The AWS Lambda turns out to be the best cloud computing platform for different kinds of applications provided of course that you are equipped to write codes in languages which can be supported by the platform, like Java Go, C#, Python etc. When you use this computing service you will only stay responsible for your codes. The Lambda will handle the entire fleet which provides a balance of CPU, memory and other resources. However, you will not have the freedom to log into computing instances or to customize the OS.

These are limitations which allow the AWS Lambda to carry out administrative tasks on your behalf. So, it can manage provisioning tasks, monitor fleet health, provide security patches, deploy codes made by you etc. Besides, the AWS Lambda lets you add custom logic for AWS managed cloud resources like Amazon DynamoDB tables and Amazon S3 buckets so that it is easy to use computing data as this enters and goes through the cloud. It is possible to create backend services for the applications using Lambda. Since the platform can process custom events, you can limit battery drain, allow easier updates and prevent client platform variations.

With the AWS Lambda there is no new framework to learn, neither any tools nor languages to learn. The AWS Lambda will also take care of the entire infrastructure, running your codes on fault-resilient and highly-available architecture so that you do not have to build differentiated backend services. You will also not need to update underlying OS every time a patch gets released. You do not have to worry about adding new servers or resizing these when the usage increases. The Lambda can deploy the codes seamlessly, take care of all administrative work, security patches and maintenance and offer built-in logging through Cloud Watch.

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