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Anchor CMS

Anchor CMS is a very simple, light weight blog system. Its core aim is to make it simple and elegant for the users. Anchor CMS focuses on blogging and does it really well.

Anchor CMS is a self hosted blogging platform for those who want to focus on writing rather than on all the distractions. It has a very easy installation process and it gets ready to run in a matter of minutes. It is a simple, fast and user friendly system.

Anchor CMS has a polished administration interface which is user friendly. It offers the best platform for content focused and art-based blogs. It has many options such as post categories, tags, custom fields etc.

Anchor CMS is highly agile and be very easily extended as per the requirements of the user. It comes fully compatible with i18n which enables you to work in your language. It is open source which comes free of cost.

Anchor CMS has a properly functional and easy to navigate admin interface. It focuses on publishing and the content has to be written in HTML or Markdown format. It can easily be compressed as per your requirement and enables you to drag and drop files.

Anchor CMS has a lot of beautiful themes built. Modifying a theme is super simple. It provides two default extensions Custom field and Meta Data which can be accessed through Extend menu. It has an amazing interface which makes writing a pleasurable experience and it features combining of post together in Markdown.

Anchor CMS is a perfect solution to a neat blog on your website. It is designed to be simple, elegant and user friendly. Anchor CMS is one of the most loved CMS for its efficiency and simplicity.

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