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What Is ATutor?

ATutor is an open source web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS). The key features of ATutor are easy adaptability and quick accessibility. It can be installed or updated by administrators within minutes. ATutor also allows users to develop custom themes to change its looks. It also offers feature modules that can be used to improve and extend functionality.

ATutor can come in handy for educators as it is designed for can quick assembling, packaging, and redistributing content through the web. The system also makes it easy to import pre-packaged content and manage their courses online. With ATutor, students can learn in a highly adaptive and convenient setting.

ATutor is an affordable tool for organizations of all types and sizes as it makes use of open source technology. Organizations can display their education materials on the web or even deliver their online courses. The system offers a high level of quality support through documentation and forums in which participation is easy. The ATutor translation site offers full language support.

Accessibility is obviously one of the strongest USPs of ATutor. The unique assistive technology allows users to participate fully in activities as a learner, instructor, and administrator. The system has been designed to conform to international accessibility standards.

ATutor users can enjoy easy networking by developing a network of contacts or by creating interest groups and getting other users on board. They can set up a network profile and even connect any number of applications into their network system.

All users can enjoy their personal file storage utility which can be shared across groups or across any course. They can enable the version control feature to track drafts or detect any changes made to documents.

ATutor also offers a host of exciting and friendly features of high value to instructors as well.

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