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Ajenti is an open source free web interface framework containing a web server, ioC container, a simple web framework with a set of mechanisms that helps in enhancing the visitor and server communication transmission. Ajenti is a Linux and BSD web admin panel that uses the Python script and delivered under the AGPL proprietary license.

Features of Ajenti:

Ajenti is a highly modular and extensible framework that comes with neat and high performing structured responsive interface.

It is compatible to devices of all sizes and supports desktops, laptops and mobile phones.

The frontend interface is Google’s AngularJS based single-page web application. Users can add new angular services, controllers and directives with plug-ins.

Client styling is done based on Twitter’s Bootstrap library.

Ajenti installation does not require much time and sets in smoothly in the existing framework with disturbing the system.

The software offers several plugins to configure, monitor and manage the system software. It comes with APIs allowing easy extensions.

Ajenti Core framework comes with a web server, ioC container, core components for better communication between a client and server.

Ajenti Panel comes with a file manager, terminal and notepad.

Ajenti supports operating systems and their later versions like Debian 6, CentOS 6, RHEL 6 Ubuntu Precise etc. Ajenti requires skills in Python 2, JavaScript like ES5, CoffeeScript or ES6, and basic HTML and basic AngularJS. Ajenti is a lightweight application that is suitable for VPS and dedicated servers. Its plugin Ajenti V is being vastly considered as a viable alternative to the cPanel. Although the software is still actively used, there have been no updates and the last stable release was in March 2014. It has over 55000 active users.

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