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How to Setup Cloud Hosting?

Choose a reliable and experienced cloud hosting service. They must have the efficiency to move your applications from your present in-house environment to their cloud servers in the most secure way without causing interruptions to your business. You cloud choose CloudOYE if you are a new user or contact the support team if you wish to migrate from your present physical servers to the cloud.

There are numerous ways your business will benefit, cost wise and performance wise, when your website is setup in the cloud. CloudOYE supports all the major script languages like PHP, Python, Java, and many similar. You do not require any coding skills. Another benefit of the cloud hosting is you need not have technical competency. It saves you from recruiting technical experts if your business is concerned with IT. There is no upfront investment to be made on infrastructure.

Once you complete the sign-up process, choose the cloud service that you prefer from Microsoft Azure, AWS managed Cloud or any other. Select an appropriate CMS (content management system). The location of the servers is important too. Ensure they are close to your target audience to maintain speed and consistency.

You must know your traffic movement and accordingly select the server size. You cloud start on a low-key resource plan.  Cloud scales on demand. You can always make changes to the server resources with just a few clicks. Risks of falling short of resources will not be there even if you are in a multi-tenant environment. Choose the bandwidth, storage, and other services as per your budget and needs.

Things you need to set up your own server

The most unanswered question is how to setup a cloud serverCloud server setup calls for a deep study of the resources one will need. The most difficult part is setting up a cloud server on your own and when you are no expert. But dont worry, we are here at CloudOye to make you aware of all the facts you need before you create a cloud server on your own. Lets get to know about those important resources or specifications you will be needing- 

a.      A web host- A web host supporting PHP or MySQL will be best for this purpose. Things will be easier for you if you already have a domain name. A good web host is an answer to how to use a cloud server as it covers all the basic details.

b.       Copy of the server- One can install their web server in many ways but it is preferred to keep a variety. 

c.       Remote access URL- You would want to get access to your own cloud server from anywhere and at any time. For this, you need a URL. No need to worry even when you dont have a dedicated domain name. One can easily buy their domain name but CloudOye makes it easy for you to set up your own web server. 

CloudOYE is a leading cloud computing solutions on Cloud Server Hosting & Dedicated Servers Hosting. Call our technical experts at 1800 212 2022 or mail us at

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