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Casebox is an open source application that can be installed by the user on their own server or the office’s to be able to operate it independently. It has a built-in interface that allows adding of forms and files, and can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

Here are Some Features of Casebox:

The user can take cases and records, and make graphs, lists, and maps. They can also auto-publish content and statistics to web modules and tell their story on their website, live.

The user can easily and quickly filter through hundreds and thousands of records to seek what they need.

The user can drag any files from their computer and drop them into any folder in Casebox, just as how it is with Windows File Manager.

The user can organize files, projects, contacts, cases, and more into an intuitive folder tree. Again, just like in Mac or Windows File Manager.

The user can use smart folders to automatically organize data in a way that’s suitable for them, by priority, by year, by office, by case status, and more.

The user can open a tab and instantly read a document online, whether it’s in Word, PDF, or JPG, without downloading or opening it with another application.

The user can open a document directly in MS Office and save it as a new version in Casebox- there is no need to download and re-upload it.

The user can retrieve any document that’s been unintentionally deleted from the recycle bin where they are stored for quite some time.

The user can work more efficiently by opening several views, records, or documents simultaneously. Each of these will be in their own tab.

The user can upload a new version of any document, while the previous versions are saved and stored, and can be restored at any time.

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