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A cloud server is a virtual server instead of a physical server running in a cloud computing environment. It is made, hosted, and delivered through a cloud computing platform through the internet and can be easily accessed by staying anywhere in the world thus they are known as the cloud web servers. Cloud servers all have the software that they need for the smooth functioning of the independent units.

A cloud web server is a computer storing companies website software and its data. Then you must ask,-what makes a cloud web server different from a standard computer? Cloud web server is online 24/7 and requires the right software and hardware to transfer data between client's website to people. 

In particular, it must support HTTP, FTP, and SMTP to store, process and transmit websites, files, and emails.

How does a cloud web server function?

When a visitor clicks on a link to a link, a web server's job is to send the result from the client's website data to the end user. The protocol used to handle this method is called HTTP. Further, it enables the web server and the browser to communicate. 

To visit a website, its files are requested by the user’s browser (through a browser) using HTTP. Upon receiving and accepting the request, the website files are found and transferred to the browser using HTTP.

What can cloud web servers be used for?

Cloud hosting Web servers can be used apart from hosting a website. They can host other applications online or send and receive other data types. Here are some examples of these include:

    1.) Hosting multiple domains on one server
    2.) Sending and receiving emails
    3.) Gaming servers
    4.) Ad servers
    5.) Running customer-facing apps
    6.) Running applications for remote working (e.g., remote workstations)
    7.) Running smartphone apps 
    8.) Data storage

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