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Cloudstorming is a term that describes brainstorming of cloud related projects. It also in some cases is referred as a process where multiple cloud computing systems (like link networks) are being used to deliver specific data for specific tasks. It is a process that involves storming sessions about strategies to be used for cloud based systems. For example, it could refer to long brainstorming sessions about how the cloud could be implemented for an organization.

Cloud is a term that refers to the services that are not visible like the service providers operate from a remote location and are not so are believed to be in the cloud. They offer their services over the cloud i.e. the internet. Consider the various types of cloud services i.e. public cloud, private and hybrid clouds. Next you have to consider how the services are delivered i.e. PaaS, SaaS and IaaS.

This is where the Cloudstorming starts. Organizations are in a peculiar dilemma about the application development, modernizing from the outdated infrastructure and environment to the cloud, buying of new services, infrastructure, outsourcing their management and project implementation and many more similar topics which all revolve around the cloud computing technology. All the discussions are not only centered around the benefits like reliability, affordability, security and scalability of the cloud but also extend to how best the services can be implemented in every project. Cloudstorming has been effective so far and it will be highly fruitful for the organizations to frequently conduct such sessions to get the maximum benefits.

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