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Cloud enablement is a method of making available an organization’s IT infrastructure, software applications and resources across the public, private or hybrid cloud environment. It streamlines the existing infrastructure like servers, operating systems and software resources to adapt to the cloud technology. The purpose is to deliver cost-effective business solutions and optimizing the cloud and transform an enterprise’s IT structure.

Cloud enablement allows organizations to reduce their costs, increase productivity, improve efficiency and support innovative business models. But in the process the enterprises come across several challenges like operational consistencies, deployment policies and adapting to the cloud architecture. Cloud enablement looks to find solutions to these challenges while integrating their existing infrastructure to the cloud models. The biggest challenge comes in the form of adherence to the security compliances and other regulations to ensure that their applications and data are protected on the cloud.

Cloud enablement services have gained momentum in the last five years with more and more businesses moving towards cloud enabled services. This added craze is due to less cost of cloud services.

The cloud service enablement is the added craze of not just enterprises but also individuals. Private cloud enablement is also in full swing but is less preferred over public enablement. The application enablement, out of all the other cloud service, is the most popular because it allows easy deployment without having to change the service at a later date.

Cloud enablement is a useful application for the small and medium businesses that do not have the skills or resources to move and manage their infrastructure on the cloud. The shifting of infrastructure needs complete execution as a system and cannot be taken or implemented on a part-by-part process. It involves

Take an inventory of existing infrastructure and applications that have to be moved.

Choose the hardware. Select the software-virtualization, firewalls, load balancing etc. Select cloud model (public or private).

Select a cloud enabler or service provider. Draft SLAs and security compliances.

Initiate the process, review and implement the plan

Organizations get benefits like high scalability, more reliability, unlimited storage and more affordability by moving to the cloud platform.


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