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Cloud broker is an entity (individual or an organization) that works as an intermediate agent between a cloud hosting provider and the service purchaser. They work as a middleman between two or more parties while negotiating a deal.
The cloud broker services can be useful for the purchaser who may not have the exposure to find the right provider, negotiate with them, and support the purchaser providing them info of how to use the cloud services to meet their business goals. The information they help with can include the data management requirements, work process and provisioning needs, and budgeting.
A new customer to the cloud can get bewildered by the huge volume of cloud hosting providers offering a variety of services. In the confusion, they might choose a wrong service which can hinder their ambitions. The cloud broker emerges as the right partner to minimize the risks and improve the interoperability.
The Cloud Broker Is Sometimes Referred Differently Based On The Services Provided
1- They are called as cloud enabler when they assist the client with signing up contracts with vendors providing additional services like data replication, encryption, and transferring of data to the cloud.
2- They are referred as cloud aggregator when they call for different services from multiple vendors and combine offering an integrated package to the customer.
3- The cloud broker can also choose the cloud hosting services on behalf of the customer from individual vendors, incorporating the various services into one and sells under their brand name. Such type of broker is called cloud customizer.
The clients may hire the cloud broker for a single project paying a fixed fee or hire them on an hourly basis. The broker can charge for every additional service. They can also sign up an agreement with a cloud provider and get business on a percentage or fixed fee.

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