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CMS is a software application used to upload, edit and manage content displayed on a website and it stands for Content Management System.

What is CMS made simple?

CMS made simple is an open source content management system which allows easier and faster management of website content. It was released in July 2004 and is build using PHP with help of MySQL. It is used for corporate websites, website promoting a team or organization, building portals, blogs, articles based content etc.

As the name suggests CMS made simple is simple to use and manage content. It helps you to build small sites and semi-static websites. Some of the main features of CMS made simple are stated below.

1- You can organize your pages in any way you want and navigations are automatically created from your page hierarchy.

2- CMS made simple allows you to design once and easily use the same design over and over again. Smarty a PHP based template is used to provide caching, template management and logic capabilities.

3- CMS made simple provides the web administrator to create and manage “pages” their layout and their content.

4- It is built in SEF functionality.

5- Wizard based install upgrade functionality.

6- Admin areas with multiple language support.

7- CMS made simple is built in PHP which allows you to integrate many existing PHP scripts or PHP snippets into your website.

CMS made simple is one of the most flexible and well designed open source content management systems. This is a system designed to be installed by those with experience with hosting, web servers, databases, HTML and CSS. It is not a program for first time website builder. If you want a simple, easy, to use yet expandable tool CMS made simple is your answer.

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