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CentOS 6 VPS

CentOS is short for Community Enterprise Operating System and has a close relation with a source code that is derived from Red Hat Linux Enterprise. CentOS 6 is typically available on Linux servers that are running CentOS.

CentOS is a versatile operating system that enjoys extensive popularity of web hosts. It is primarily focused at commercial applications and its developers attach a great significance to compatibility, performance and security rather than high end capabilities. Therefore the period between two releases can be slightly longer.

CentOS 6 VPS is a Virtual Private Server that is designed to run on CentOS 6 operating system. It is a perfect platform for running web based applications. CentOS 6 VPS offers outstanding versatility and is able to run on a range of hardware for multitude of projects. 

While CentOS hosting is possible with a number of operating system, we haven’t had more success with other OS than we have had with CentOS 6. Compared to other distros, CentOS only runs the basic and most stable versions of the program, thus eliminating risks linked to system crashes. This is one of the biggest reasons people prefer VPS with CentOS.

CentOS VPS is highly appreciated for stability of its software packages, reliability and sound administrative tools. CentOS is one of the most robust Linux distributions with amazing customizability. CentOS 6 VPS supports as many as eleven different types of process architectures and ensures flawless administration across multiple platforms.

CentOS 6 VPS offers availability of instant support from the developers of CentOS and enables ease of installation directly from USB, CD, and DVD, among others. CentOS 6 VPS offers well integrated packages that are available on a single site and supports large number of CPU architectures.

CentOS 6 VPS hosting offers total control of web hosting to web masters and provides maximum uptime guarantee for business critical applications. With CentOS 6 VPS there is no fear of malicious incursion. VPS server can be scaled up to multiple levels of usage

CentOS 6 VPS is widely used for multimedia content solutions such as podcasting, ecommerce, and blogging solutions. It is also designed to be compatible with Ruby on Rails, CGI, and PHP among others. CentOS can be comfortably used for writing small blogs for WordPress installation or can also be setup for building multilevel database management applications.
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