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Cloud envy is a term used to describe the reactions and feelings of those organizations that are awed by businesses that have adopted the cloud culture. These businesses visit them, take a data center tour and on return, deliberate up- on the likelihoods of their doing it too. They spend a lot of time and resources chasing possibilities that do not exist for them.
Envious of having lost the opportunity of joining the newest technological trends, many jumped into the cloud computing brand. Hardware vendors whose infrastructure was being used to build the huge data centers or server farms, the term to describe their hardware. This happened in every industry- software providers, storage providers, online service providers and much more similar.
The web scale enterprises have a common motive of delivering highly impressive cloud services to their end-users. Their business is customer-centric. When they found they were not getting the right infrastructure from the usual hardware vendors, they invested and started building it themselves i.e. application developments, highly-qualified IT professionals, operations, and similar.

It is a misguided observation that the other guy has a better option than what I have. It is this feeling that creates an envy and leads a business to make a wrong judgement.  It is important to understand the cloud technology will not suit everybody. You should not jump to the cloud computing just because someone else has. Be clear of your needs and see if the services will suit your requirements. Do not get bogged down with envy.

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