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Cloud App Policy

The cloud app policy is much needed in cloud computing because it implies the rules and policies which are dictated by enterprises for safeguarding the use of their applications by employees. This cloud app policy must comply with the corporate security plan and adhere to regulatory requirements. Cloud app policies which are put forward by companies may range from nominal restrictions to very restrictive policies, sometimes even blocking all app usage. Most businesses seek to implement something in between because they want to ensure that their applications are not misused or compromised in any way.

How Does Cloud App Policy Work?

The cloud app policy will state the level of control that a user can enjoy with regard to specific apps. It will state which apps can be used and with what limitations and when specific actions can be performed. So, such policies are primarily designed to safeguard intellectual property rights and critical data from leakage or possible data loss. By doing this, the use of the applications does not have to be stopped completely; rather users can be permitted to use them within limits. For instance, you can enjoy a flexible policy whereby you may be able to use a specific app for a certain time although it is blocked after work hours. You could also prevent document sharing when the documents in question contain confidential data.

Businesses are being run across the Internet and with cloud computing making much headway into our world today, new data is being constantly exposed to the general public. When sensitive data becomes over exposed, you can even incur huge financial damages. Interestingly, application security is still not a priority for many corporate but this situation needs to be changes; both businesses and IT must work hand in hand to handle the most sensitive security issues. 

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