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Contao is a browser-based content management system that offers an easy to use yet powerful template system that can work well for any required functions. The CMS was first initiated in 2006 under the name “TYPOLIGHT” and was renamed to Contao in 2010.

Easy Templating System:

Written in PHP, Contao too like the other templates can be modified and customized. It does not require the users to have any specific skills nor do they require to learn any proprietary script languages. Several websites have been built on this popular CMS.

File Management:

Contao interface enables content to be added, modified and organized in folders with the efficient database-driven file system. Using the FTP protocol, it also allows large files to be uploaded and synced with the database.
News Module:

Contao comes inbuilt with the News and Events functionality. The installation can be completed quickly and it facilitates some robust features like RSS Feeds, Comments, multiple topic channels, archiving etc.  News and other posts can be set up with module-specific settings. It can also be used as a flexible default content part.
Newsletter Module:

Contao allows easy newsletter registration and distribution. The customers on a Contao website have the liberty to subscribe to one or more newsletter channels using the double-opt-in feature.
Form Generator:
The form generator is replenished with all the common form elements like text areas, hidden fields, radio buttons, input and select fields, file upload, and much more similar. It is simple to create multifaceted forms too.
Multiple and Multi-Lingual Websites:

Contao enables setting up of multiple websites with a single installation. Users can set up and configure languages and layout themes for each site.
Contao is SEO friendly and comes with clean codes, expressive URLs and page titles. It is an ideal platform for both small and large organizations alike.

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