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Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Continuous data protection (CDP) is also known technically as called continuous backup system. It is a type of storage system in which the data stored in it is automatically saved and backed up when any changes are made. In other words, CDP works by creating an electronic data or journal which holds all the snapshots of storage snapshots. Every time a change or modification occurs, it takes a snapshot of data stored.

There are many advantages that organizations using CDP can enjoy but one key advantage is undoubtedly its ability to preserve a record of each transaction occurring in an enterprise. If the system gets infected with any virus or if data files of an enterprise get corrupted, with the problem not coming to the notice of users immediately, in such cases, a recent copy of the non-corrupted document or data can be easily obtained.

The CDP system with disk storage is preferred by many organizations as it assists in smooth and hassle-free recovery of data within seconds. This might not be possible in storage systems that make use of archives or tape backups. The best part is that CDP hardware can be quickly and easily installed without putting any of the existing documents or files at risk. With companies discovering a simple but highly effective way of maintaining a journal of data backup that updates continuously and automatically, the demand for CDP system is growing at a fast pace.

CDP products are highly recommended for enterprises that deal with data that keeps changing at a frequent pace. It is also ideal for organizations handling large and growing volumes of data and looking for an effective and efficient storage system. By using CDP, companies can easily avoid any major damage to their business prospects resulting from data loss or damaged files.

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