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Streaming videos are a popular way through which people look at videos nowadays. To make the experience of uninterrupted video streaming, most streaming video equipment adopt a unique method known as Content Delivery Network or CDN. It is a unique means through which a program is carried to different parts of audiences worldwide.
In a typical situation, a "profile" is downloaded from a content delivery network first, followed by profile configuring on the system. The concerned profile allows running account of the bill along with other necessary information provided including resolution, location, and audio headroom.
Content delivery network or CDN is a unique system comprising a wide array of distributed Internet proxy servers that are located at different geographic locations across the globe. This is maintained to serve high-quality content instantly. CDN is popularly used for almost all kinds of cloud functions, which includes website delivery, online computing, storage, and most importantly streaming videos. The amount of money charged by a CDN service provider depends upon the extent of hardware storage used for carrying your program. The more hardware used leads to more fees charged.
When You Rent A CDN Streaming Service, You Essentially Obtain 5 Main Qualities –

1. Scalability
2. Speed
3. Security
4. Solvency
5. Service


Scalability signifies ability to match program density with respect to network’s bandwidth as well as speed. It will help carry the program to the target audience, both in terms of attendance time and numbers. Content Delivery Networks are basically ASPs (Application Service Providers) that provide their customers with services on the need basis, which again depends upon bandwidth as well as time. Scalability essentially means the ability of the content delivery network to push the exactly required amount of data so that everyone is served adequately with uninterrupted streaming.


For a non-interrupted and fast video streaming service, CDN streaming service has become an essential part. For playing a high-resolution video program to thousands of viewers located at different geographic locations, fast frame load times are needed along with large bandwidth. For achieving this, nodes of content delivery networks are established at multiple global locations having varied backbones. These backbones essentially involve copper lines as well as fiber optics, the interconnecting wide array of strategically connected computer networks as well as core internet routers. Presence of more number of nodes around the key backbone areas leads to faster delivery of content to the target audience, which again provides better CDN streaming.


CDN networks have to be prepared for all kinds of vulnerabilities including hacking attacks. They can interrupt your streaming service indefinitely, depending upon the extent of the attack. One of the most annoying attacks in the DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. In case of such attacks, CDN capability either gets reduced or stopped. Therefore, proper securities of the connections as well as the Network Operation Centers (NOCs) are a must.


CDN services can either be paid on a flat fee basis or per-use basis. In fact, it has been seen that on the basis of varying geographic locations, costs vary too. Edge network concept is becoming very popular nowadays because it provides a select group of customers with customized PoPs with respect to their specific needs.

The effectiveness of CDN streaming service essentially depends upon the service provided when there are any problems in the streaming service. Service depends upon the fastness at which a problem is resolved. The best thing expected from a CDN streaming service is the availability of streaming service round the clock. 

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