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Also called Hosted VPN (Virtual Private Network) or VPNaaS (Virtual Private Network as a Service), Cloud VPN is a type of VPN that uses cloud based infrastructure to provide VPN solutions to clients. It uses a cloud platform and public internet to offer globally accessible, highly reliable VPN services to users/subscribers. With Cloud VPN, the user doesn’t require VPN infrastructure at their end to receive the same level of VPN services.

Using a VPN for your cloud helps you in getting desired speed, reliability, and support for preserving your data. It will also enhance the speed for getting better revenue generation and sales. Additionally, the strong encryption helps in saving all your essential data, The continuous support allows you to get instant solutions to all the problems you are facing with respect to cloud VPN.

They can connect to the Cloud VPN via the provider’s website or an app. This type of network has specific characteristics that meet all the requirements for secure, remote access from anywhere, through any device, and using any type of network. Most companies outsource their VPN operations to hosting, cloud, or managed services providers. This is mainly due to economic reasons. There are several benefits that these companies enjoy from outsourcing. These are: fast realization of a remote access VPN project; low monthly expenditure; and, zero investment in software, hardware, and in-house IT teams.

Most ideal cloud VPN solutions offer:

offer a central management component
are available for all the major operating systems

The cost of Cloud VPN is different from standard services. Cloud VPN service providers charge the customer either on the basis of pay per usage or just a flat fee subscription. The customer pays for the amount of storage, hardware, network or the other resources they utilize.

VPNs are used for their wide range of benefits, different services offer different features. Using VPN you can get desired speed, reliability, strong encryption, worldwide support, and first-class customer support. It is used for getting optimized speed for achieving better returns on investment. Moreover, with strong encryption, all your sensitive data is protected in a better manner. Worldwide support enables you to get help from IT professionals at your desired time for instant resolution of problems.

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