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Corporate Average Data Center Efficiency (CADE)

Initially introduced by Up Time Institute and McKinsey Consulting, Corporate Average Data Center Efficiency (CADE) is a new performance metric that is utilized to measure the overall efficiency of data centers across the carbon footprint. It combines the costs of IT and facilities to monitor the use of energy.

CADE takes into consideration the following factors:

Total IT load
Average CPU utilization
The capacity of the facility
• the total energy used by the data center

CADE allows the calculation and measurement of a data center’s energy consumption so that it can be compared to the other data centers.

It is calculated through the following equation:

CADE = IT Asset Efficiency X Facility Efficiency

IT Asset Efficiency = IT Energy Efficiency X IT Utilization

Facility Efficiency = Facility Energy Efficiency X Facility Utilization

What CADE does is - it measures the efficiency of the entire data center as a percent. If the result is high, that means the data center Noida is quite energy efficient.

If the value of CADE is to be improved, measures will have to be taken to enhance both IT Asset Efficiency and Facility Efficiency.

Some examples of measures of enhancing IT Asset Efficiency are:

- demand management
- server virtualization
- removal of old or dead servers

Some examples of measures of improving Facility Efficiency are:

- efficient cooling management
- better cabling
- load reduction

Presently, most data centers have a CADE score that falls anywhere between 5 to 15 percent for their servers. By adopting these measures, they can easily double these scores.

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