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The CloudBridge supports an organization to link their data center with the hosting environment, building a secure section for the enterprise network. With the CloudBridge connectors the organization can enhance the functionalities of the data centers using the competency and expertise of the cloud hosting providers. The Connector enables unified migration of applications to the cloud, lessening of costs while enhancing reliability.
It enables an enterprise to benefit from the elasticity of the cloud while retaining the security to all their sensitive assets creating a hybrid solution overcoming shortfalls like insecure network, downtime etc.
CloudBridge can also be applied to connect two data centers and create a high-powered secure and augmented link. In addition, the CloudBridge connector can also be used to connect a third-party external cloud.
Installation of CloudBridge requires a connector to be setup which will connect a NetScaler and virtual applications that lie in the cloud. A NetScaler is an ADC (Application Delivery Controller) that speeds up an application, cuts down its costs and ensures continuous availability.
The CloudBridge Connector Tunnel is Used in Two Ways:  

1. Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)  
2. Open-standard IPSec Protocol suite.
The GRE Protocol is Applied in 3 Ways:-
1- it builds a private p2p (point to point connection) like the VPN network.
2- It hastens the Wide Area Network(WAN) traffic without the need to change configurations.
3- Works like a transport tunnel to enable a seamless movement of traffic without any interruption or disruption.

The IPSec Protocol Brings About :-

1- Superior data integrity
2- Authenticates the origin of data
3- Encrypts the data to ensure privacy and security
4- Protection against possibility of network attack where a data is intercepted by a fraudster and they delay its transmission.
The IPSec follows the transport route through which the GRE compressed packet is scrambled which is carried out by the ESP protocol (Encapsulating Security Payload). CloudBridge can be implemented on any size data center.

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