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Cryptographic Protocol

A security protocol can be referred as cryptographic protocol, or encryption protocol, which is an abstract or concrete protocol that ensures protection of data. It is a sequence of operations which perform a security function and applies cryptographic methods. A protocol is a set of rules that divulge how the algorithm should be used. A sufficiently detailed protocol en compasses the details about data structures and representations, so that it can be used to implement interoperable versions of a program. Such encryption based protocol used for secure application level data transport.

Security protocol assures the secure communication between two parties. It is widely used indifferent applications to send sensitive information across platforms.

Some Primary Components of a Security Protocol are:

Access Control- It validates the user identity. User can access authorized resources based on access permissions and policies allotted to them.

Key Management- In this component of security layer, user can create, maintain and distribute keys.

Encryption Algorithm- The cryptographic cypher codes are inserted in the data to protect sensitive information.

Message Integrity- Integrity involves that the encrypted message delivery is not to be tampered in any case. 

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