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cPanel is a net-based control panel, a website development tool which helps in the management of website utilizing a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Through cPanel, you can entirely control your site without depending on the website developers.

Now, you can manage all aspects of FTP, file management, email management, and backups in order to manage each task related to mail, including auto responder, spam filter, email account mailing lists, error page management, domain/sub-domain control, Apache handlers, web folders’ password protection, MIME types, CGI scripts, cron jobs, statistical information, leech protection, shopping cart, bulletin board, SSL Manager, hotlink protection, MySQL database administration, and chatroom management.

Additional features include in “Fantastico”. It is a web app that helps in making CMS (Content Management System), such as Drupal, Mambo, Joomla, Drupal, and blog apps, such as b2evolution, WordPress, and Nucleus. In Fantastico, e-commerce apps, customer relation app, survey and polls application, forum creation, discussion boards, site builder, and other apps can be installed.  

You can say that cPanel is a total web management tool which is easy to handle. Therefore, cPanel is now become a blessing for most of the webmasters that earlier maintained the website via programming skills. At present, cPanel comes with a hosting package and manages the files and website.

Advanced Features of cPanel –

As it is a GUI, users can easily access cPanel as front-end tool in order to find out several website operations. Besides, other vital features which can be handled via cPanel include PGP keys, mailing list management, and spam and webmail filtering. All these features can help any of the website.

Apart from this, cPanel helps in creation of site or account, additional domains management, redirect, and helps in editing and building the webpages. Crop job helps in triggering automated tasks at the given point of time.

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