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Cloud portability is a process of moving applications and files from one cloud service provider to another without causing any disturbance or disruption in service i.e. from your existing provider to CloudOYE. It can also refer to migrating applications from one cloud to another say public cloud to private cloud hosting. Generally, a technology referred as Containers are used to make the porting easy. The operating systems, applications, and other files are capsuled into a bundle and applied on a compatible platform.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds here. Portability will require huge skills and a lot of planning. It is important to check the compatibility issues of the applications on the new platforms. Applications can be ported but will require a lot of time and money. Any lapse can result in data loss and money. It is important to create applications in a manner that will enable to move from one platform to another whether on physical servers or on the cloud.
Portability is a necessity for a business to ensure a smooth and superior performance. Cloud portability may be required by the customers for several reasons. The present vendor may have increased their prices or the client may have ventured into something different and the existing provider services are unsuitable for the new applications.
Cloud portability can be considered in three ways. One is data portability, application portability, and platform portability. Portability comes with a high price tag. Not all data and applications can be moved easily. This is because there are many capabilities that are locked to a specific language, operating system, platform or any other technology and these require significant transformations before they can be moved. It is necessary that the complete information is replicated and applied to the new provider servers. Without proper planning, resources, design and time it will carry considerable risk.

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