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Cloud Workload Scheduler

Cloud workload scheduler monitors, controls, and automates the work process all through the cloud framework. This automation typically manages a huge number of workloads every day from a solitary purpose of control. Workload is a procedure or a set of procedures that could be componentized, make a product, and separately operated upon with concept being over the system, equipment, and OS layers; however, needs security at every layer.

A client/user can utilize the Workload Scheduler in order to run, create, monitor, and schedule various processes, addressing specific needs utilizing the interface of Workload Scheduler.
For instance, you can utilize Workload Scheduler in order to schedule analyzing a file on the local file system. The analyzing operation result could be locally stored in file and it can be used for different work, for instance, a database work depends on the agent, such as on-premises, Workload Automation Agent, or in separate cloud hosting environment.
Advantages of Cloud Workload Scheduler –

Automate through Divergent Adaptors

Efficiently automate file transfers, database actions, REST calls, and many more with divergent adaptors.

2. Power Hybrid Workflows

Mechanize apps in the hybrid environment, on-premises or on cloud hosting environment.

3. Incorporate Legacy Apps

Prepare an application via integrating the processes at various Operating Systems: Linux (System Z and Intel), Windows, and HP-UX.

4. Instantly Compose Micro-services

A user can make the application via composing micro-services through REST calls, with no requirement of programming skills.

5. Easy APIs Available

Prepare, trigger, and monitor planned actions in the application via utilizing the easy Workload Scheduler APIs.

6. User Interface Available

Instantly managing the processes by utilizing the User Interface of Workload Scheduler, despite of APIs for testing and development purposes.

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