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Cloud Storage API

API is short for Application Program Interface. With an API, it becomes possible to connect two or more software applications with one another. In the cloud API a set of APIs combines to form an interface that allows communication between local applications with a cloud-based storage system. When a user stores their data in the remote cloud servers, the cross-platform APIs enable them to access, edit, modify, delete any of the data.
With cross-platform APIs, the users can approach their data from any of the multiple sources. It eliminates the need to copy and store the data in multiple platforms which can be cost-effective and saves the customers plenty of time and resources.
There was no single commonly used cloud API that a user could rely on which makes it problematic for them to move their storage from one service provider to another. This has made several businesses hesitate to adopt the cloud storage.
The cloud storage API aims to implement the network API, IP/TCP in all the cloud products, services to ensure transparent interoperability. This will give a boost to the public cloud consumers as they have the confidence that they can move their applications to a new service provider any time they want.
The cloud APIs can be Integrated into Many Ways. They have Different Ways to Integrate the Cloud Computing with Another Provider or Platform.

1- Service level PaaS APIs: They are designed to give the users access and functionalities like portals, databases, emails, storage components etc. for the cloud environment.
2- Application level SaaS APIs: This will enable to connect the application layer with the cloud and the underlying IT like CRMs, ERPs etc.
3- Infrastructure level IaaS APIs: It aims to help in provisioning and de-provisioning of cloud resources on demand.
Choosing the right API platform is important. There could be the need to choose multiple APIs in some cases depending on your environment.

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