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CloudLinux is a Linux based operating system that offers a set of kernel modifications to the Linux distribution. By this they look to offer the system administrators get greater control over the usage of server resources separating the users from one another so that any issues with one does not carry over to the others and affect their services. It thus creates a virtual environment on a shared platform.

Features of CloudLinux:

It improves the stability of the server by limiting the resources that an account holder can use in shared hosting. Over consumption of resources by a customer has been one of the main causes of server downtime. With numerous customers sharing the server identifying the problem site takes time and this affects all other accounts too.

It virtualizes the user accounts into separate accounts with the lightweight virtualized environment(LVE).

CloudLinux isolates account holders from one another and keep their data in a private environment so that any user with malicious intentions cannot intrude into the other accounts.

Traffic spikes can cause server crashes. By proper monitoring and resource allocation, CloudLinux manages to supply increased resources to the user with more traffic supplying it from the servers that are not utilizing them. This eliminates the server crashes and also cuts down wastage of resources.

The operating system has a feature called PHP selector which gives the end users to select any specific versions of PHP that they find necessary for their website. With its user friendly interface, the customers can move from one version to the other and adjust the PHP settings.

CloudLinux was first released in the year 2010 and today it has become a “must have” tool for all the web hosting providers. It has so far been successful in its mission of making Linux more stable, secure and cost-effective. It boasts of over 60,000 installations and the number is growing.

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