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Cloud technology or computing is the usage of different services like servers, software development platforms, and storage over internet that is popularly referred to as ‘cloud.’ Generally, there are mainly three characteristics of cloud computing that are found among all the cloud computing providers –

Backend of hardware is managed by cloud hosting provider
User just pay for the used services like bandwidth, processing time, memory
Scalable services
Most of the advancements of cloud computing are related to the virtualization. The on-demand paying ability and scale instantly is a result of when cloud computing providers being capable to pool the resources that could be divided in between various clients.

It is quite common to sort the cloud computing services as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud Computing Uses -

Presently, you might be utilizing cloud technology even not realizing it. In case, you use online service for sending email, watch movies, listen music, edit documents, or store files or pictures. Following are some of the things that can be done with cloud-

Make new applications and services
Host blogs and websites
Stream audio/video
Deliver software on request
Backup, recover and store data
• Analyze data for predictions and patterns

Advantages -

1. Cost

It removes the expense of purchasing software and hardware, running and setting on-site data centers, 24/7 electricity for cooling/power, servers’ racks, and IT professionals which manages the infrastructure.
2. Speed

Many cloud computing services provides on-demand service, therefore huge amount of the computing resources could be provisioned within minutes via some clicks.

3. Global Scale
Benefits of cloud computing include scaling ability. Technically, delivering correct IT resources, for instance, less/more computing power, bandwidth, and storage whenever required and from correct geographical location.
4. Performance

Large cloud computing services run on the global network of data centers that are continuously updated to efficient and fast computing hardware. Other benefits include great economy scale and minimized apps’ network latency.

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experts at +91-120-6025102 or mail us at

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