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Cloud-Oriented Architecture (COA)

Cloud-Oriented Architecture (COA) is an abstract model that encompasses and revolves around all the factors and elements that make up the cloud and the cloud environment. Cloud-Oriented Architecture (COA) refers to the overall structure of an information system (cloud computing service model or even the cloud itself) and the inter-relationship of all those entities, like procedures, components, and systems that constitute the information system.

This type of architecture primarily addresses all the constraints and requirements of any cloud concept, along with all those factors that constitute the cloud. While considered similar to computing architecture, the major difference between the two is that Cloud-Oriented Architecture only addresses factors that affect, directly or indirectly, cloud computing.

Some of the factors involved in creating cloud computing solutions and services are:

Logical and physical components

This type of architecture is related to SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) and EDA (Event-Driven Architecture). It is also a mix of ROA (Resource-Oriented Architecture) and HOA (Hypermedia-Oriented Architecture).

One can also say that this type of architecture has its roots and functionalities in old computing architectures, such as client/server architecture and distributed computing architecture.

Some people believe that the development of a global Cloud-Oriented Architecture can be considered as a building block for Internet of Things, where anything that can be identified can be tagged and connected via Internet or WAN. These things could people, machines, and even park benches.

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