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Cloud game streaming is the new buzzword in the gaming circles. However, its development has a history behind it. It all started changing since online streaming was introduced back in 2005. It was companies such as Netflix and Spotify that reshaped the way we now listen to music or watch movies.
The ability of playing games changed forever when a company back in 2000 demonstrated streaming games at E3. It was the first time ever, ability of streaming and playing games came to the fore. However, the main problem faced by the users at that time was a slow internet connection. This is what restricted them in playing streaming games. In fact, the lack of internet infrastructure led the gamers to believe that cloud gaming, as well as game streaming, was same as slow and lagging games.

Gaming has come a long way now in 2018. High-speed internet coupled with PC gaming are abundant now across the globe. Whether it's the processing power of your mobile or home computer, the advanced technology has enabled gamers to experience the next level gaming through cloud game streaming.
Big Names are Catching Up

Both Microsoft and Google are catching up to cash the cloud game streaming opportunity. Microsoft has brought cloud game streaming service to the market and they have named it Project xCloud. Microsoft’s announcement came just a week after Google's announcement about its Project Stream. To get a better view of the announced cloud game streaming aspects of both Microsoft and Google, please look at the sections below -

Microsoft’s Project xCloud- A Unique Cloud Game Streaming Service

With this service, the gamers will now be able to play the game anywhere, everywhere, and in whatever way they want. They can now play their favorite games in their mobile devices, Personal Computers, and Consoles.
Reports say Microsoft's first announced its cloud game streaming service at E3, held this year. It was unveiled with the tagline "Gaming With You At The Center". It was reportedly announced by the technology giant that their new xCloud project will enable players to play their favorite games as they want to. In fact, this will also help them choose players of their choice. In fact, they can play games from any device they want as streaming cloud games can be played from any device- mobile, console, PC, or others.

Microsoft is aiming to empower you "to play the games you want, with the people you want, whenever you want, wherever you are, and on any device of your choosing." Its public testing is expected to take place at any point of time of 2019.

Google’s "Project Stream"

Gamers can now play their favorite games such as "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" from the Chrome browser of your desktop. It has been made available to the public from October 5, 2018. The announcement of Google said that Project Stream is their technical test. The reported service is aimed at streaming AAA video games such as GeForce Now as well as PlayStation Now. This is the first instance ever Google is unveiling its Google gaming product.

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