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Data Storage Device

A data storage device is any computing hardware resource that facilitates storing, porting and extracting of data files and objects.It can store or record information like files, documents, media files etc. on both temporarily and permanently basis, and can be internal or external to a computer system or any other computing device.

Data recording can be done with aid of any form of virtual energy, spanning from manual muscle strength in handwriting, to acoustic vibrations used in phonographic recording to electromagnetic energy modulating magnetic disks/ tapes and optical drives. All electronic storage data requires electric power to store, record, process, and retrieve data. The storage devices are the core components of any computing device as they store all the data and applications on a computer, except the hardware firmware.

Storage device are mainly of two types i.e. primary storage device and secondary storage device.

Primary Storage Device- These storage medium is generally small in size and is specifically designed to keep data on a temporary basis. It is an internal memory. They ensure the fastest data speed such as RAM, cache memory.

Secondary Storage Device- A secondary storage term means large data storage capacity on a permanent basis. One can use this memory in internal and external form to the computer system. For example - hard disk, compact disk drive, USB storage medium etc. are secondary storage medium.

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