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Oracle Cloud World is an annual meet held to bring together industry leaders from finance, sales, operations, HR, customer services, marketing, and similar, to identify and categorize pioneering solutions across multiple industries based on cloud technology. It is believed new technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud analytics, the blockchain, and machine learning can transform a multitude of industries. The Oracle Cloud World attendees can learn how the industry they are associated with could be changing in future.
The meetings are hosted at a variety of locations around the world, including Mexico City, Shanghai, New York City, and Sydney.  Oracle Cloud World is one of the largest cloud technology conference series in the world. The event has been keenly followed and featured keynotes from Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd. The last meeting was held at Sydney in May 2018.

Cloud World delivers everything that professionals want to learn, how digitalization is transforming everything quickly in every industry. It is vital to embrace the emerging technologies to keep pace with the happenings. The eminent speakers talked about how the cloud is self-driving, self-healing, and auto-patches to manage outages. They laid stress on accepting the autonomous automation as the next step in the cloud journey. They talked about how the working professionals should think and operate as a cloud company to leverage the advantages of the cloud.
Cloud World showed how the Oracle HCM Cloud can enable an organization to build a future-proof business that is people oriented. The idea is to bring adaptive intelligence as an evolution of artificial intelligence. The latter is all about machine learning and decision making whereas adaptive intelligence is taking decisions on how to make use of the facts and information available, how it can help the HR department to get insight into the general behaviors and patterns.

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