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Whether you are a business owner, an executive, or an IT manager, you must associate with a computer to execute your day to day activities. However, the hard reality is that the computer is undeniably connected with the Internet to download, install and run programs, which are essential for streamlining various tasks. This clearly shows that the computer is highly susceptible to cyber attacks or virus intrusion when connected with the Internet. This is the reason why computer security has become an inevitable requirement for individuals as well as businesses. The purpose to adopt computer security measures is to safeguard mission-critical data from loss or tampered, thereby eliminating the likelihood of data corruption.

Improve Computer Security in the Following Manner:

- Installation and configuration of Firewall is a must to filter the incoming and outgoing data
- Use of alphabet, numeric value or sign in the password is recommended and it should be frequently changed
- Make sure to install and upgrade antivirus every now and then
- Data encryption is a must to optimize the level of security to a great extent 

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